The President is a person responsible for everything and everyone in the organization. It is the highest position in local ESN, representing ESN Zlin at official events. Additionally, the job of the president is to provide help to other members and ensure that the whole team is running smoothly. Basically, the president has to make sure that everything that should be done is done. 

  • representation of ESN Zlin at official events
  • ensuring the organizational operation of ESN Zlin


Local Representative (LR)

The local representative is representing, shocking right? But it's not everything he or she is doing. The job of LR is to provide a communication channel between ESN Zlin and the national board of ESN Czech. This person has to ensure that information is passed from the national board to the local board and members and vice versa. Furthermore, LR has to secure the order of SIM cards and ESN Cards. Essentially LR is one great communication channel.     

  • transfer of information from ESN Zlin to national board members and vice versa
  • ensures orders SIM cards and ESNCard


Human Resources Manager (HR)

Who is he? He is an HR. What is he doing? He is looking for people. Exactly looking for new members is the main activity of Human Resource Manager but it does not stop there. Additionally, to this, he has to take care of those members. HR is doing this by organizing meetings, team buildings and by listening to their concerns and ideas. HR is someone who you can always trust and rely on as a member. Don´t worry he or she will take care of you. 

  • looking for new members of the association
  • maintains motivation within the section (organizing team buildings, etc.)


Communication Manager (CM)

Communication is the building stone of everything. There is no exception in ESN. The communication manager is the heart and soul of social media, texting and spreading information to all Erasmus students out there. CM is managing the social network of ESN Zlin, providing photos from every event, and is in charge of the production and distribution of promotional material. Basically, everything with the name ESN Zlin on it is a creation of a communication manager. 

  • manages social networks connected with functioning of ESN Zlin
  • provides photo documentation of completed projects 
  • in charge with production and distribution of promotional items


Events Manager (EM)

It wouldn't be an Erasmus without fun activities, right? Therefore we introduce you to the Events Manager. The job of this position is to plan and create activities for foreign students. He has to make up a schedule of events and projects for the whole semester and of course, oversee it all. It is his responsibility to prepare and conduct all events organized by ESN Zlin. In other words, he is a magician who can transfer any situation into a joyful and enjoyable event. 

  • creates a schedule of events a projects
  • responsible one for the preparation and conduct of events organized by ESN Zlin


Who is the treasurer? Well someone with the ability and talent of a Switz banker. The job of the treasurer is to keep records of the sections´ finances following the valid laws of the Czech republic. That means to do magic tricks with money and create final financial statements in a way that police won't arrest any of the board members. 

  • keeps records of the section`s finances in accordance with the valid laws of the Czech Republic


Partnership Manager (PM)

An ESN card is a great little thing. It provides you with many discounts and advantages. The job of Partnership manager is to negotiate as many discounts for ESN card holders as possible. He is doing this by searching and maintaining a list of partners with whom the section cooperates. He or she will go through anything to get you the discount you desire.  

  • searches for and maintains a list of partners with whom the section cooperates
  • negotiates discounts for ESNCard holders


Web Project Administrator

No organization can function without a great website. The web project administrator is making sure that the website of ESN Zlin is functioning smoothly and looking up to date. You can imagine him as the character from the movie who will look at the computer and suddenly everything is working.  

  • ensures the technical operation of the websites


Social Inclusion Coordinator

Our world has many problems. The job of the Social Conclusion Coordinator is to help ease some of them. He is organizing activities and events that are focused on social problems. These events are connecting foreign students with local ones and thus draw attention to problems in society. The main goal of the Social Coordinator is to make sure everything is running smoothly and everybody is having fun while they are tackling some social issues. 

  • with the help of individual activities, it tries to connect foreign students with local ones and thus draw attention to problems in society